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Fixing my leaves….

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When I left you on Thursday, I had made one of the leaves for my “Monarch and Milkweed” challenge but had run into a problem with quilting the veins…..

There simply wasn’t enough to hold onto!!

Then I started thinking about the washout stabilizer that I had used for a previous quilt It is a sticky-sided water-soluble Vilene that comes on a 10-yard roll. If you are interested, you can purchase it HERE.

SO…..I made four more leaves…..

…turned them and marked the veins…..

Next, I rolled out a small portion of the Vilene and peeled off the backing paper…..

The side facing up is now sticky.

I placed the leaves on top….

…and placed another piece of the Vilene over it…..

Now, I had another problem……I couldn’t see the veins that I had drawn!!!

I fixed that by using the wash-out pen and re-drawing the veins on top of the Vilene.

I also switched to my Sit-Down Longarm so that I could use the applique foot…..

The stabilizer held everything in place and it was SO very easy to stitch the lines now.

I cut out the excess stabilizer…..

….and pitched them into a warm water bath…..

Immediately, the water became murky with the sloughed-off stabilizer…..


I moved to another water bath and lightly scrubbed the pieces with my fingers….

The final water bath was completely clear…..

So now I had FIVE leaves to play with…..

The original one is second from the right.

I LOVE using the Vilene!! It has a fabric feel to it so it isn’t ‘slinky” like some stabilizers.

When I used it previously I sometimes had trouble with my needle getting gummed up but it wasn’t a big issue!!

So now I have leaves to play with!!!

I am getting excited about this piece!!!!

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