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Jejuri Temple Inspiration

Back in 2016, we spent several weeks in India and one VERY memorable Saturday visiting the Jejuri Temple just outside of Pune.

I took a photo of this ceiling as we were leaving the temple and as I have looked at it over the years, I am interested in the dimension that it exudes. Sometimes I only see a flat design when I look, but sometimes I feel as if it has some dimension to it. Perhaps it was painted in a dome and that is the dimension that I see, but either way, I really like it!!!

…and would love to use the pieced circles in a quilt someday!!

Our day at the temple was one of the most memorable of our trip and…..the yellow doesn’t come out!! If that intrigues you, read further……

So….a fun day of sightseeing AND a new quilt inspiration…..


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Thank you…….

2 thoughts on “Jejuri Temple Inspiration

  1. Holey Moley! The places you have been and the things you have seen….
    I just read all your Pune posts. Thanks for a quick visit to an amazing culture through your images and commentary!

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