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Today is the day!!!

This afternoon Michael and I will be boarding a Delta Flight to Johannesburg and will be traveling in Africa for 3 weeks!!

We start out in Mozambique where we will check on the fate of the Cheetahs that we saw released back in 2021…..

We will also be checking on the 24 lions that were released there in 2018. At last count, there were well over 90!!

We spent 6 weeks in the Mozambique camp in 2021 and it feels like we are returning home again….

I am hoping to spend a day or two just photographing and videoing, and will hopefully see more of the Saddle-Billed Storks that I am collage appliqueing….

After that week, we fly back to South Africa and will spend another week on the Eastern Cape where Michael will be doing some conservation research.

We spend the last week in the Kalahari Desert area, working alongside scientists doing genetic research on (the very rare) Black and White Rhinos.

We are both looking forward to this trip and I can’t wait to tell you about ALL of it!!

I am not sure that internet will be available so I have some quilting posts queued up for the next few weeks, but I am hopeful to add some “man on the ground” stories too.

I will probably not be cross-posting to various Facebook groups, so IF you only see this blog because of those posts, you will lose out on this trip.

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