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Unfortunately, on this trip I got sick. Fortunately, we had antibiotics that I could take to kill all of the foreign bacteria floating in my stomach but, it meant that I lost 1-1/2 days of fun!!

These were the days that I was going to spend doing photography around the camp so I was truly disappointed, but there was still plenty to enjoy.

One of the days we took a Reedbuck to Chief Thozo. I wrote about him in this post about the blessing of the Cheetah Boma….

We arrived at his house carrying the much-appreciated meat animal that would feed his family for days…..

The Chief arrived and thanked Bredger profusely……

….while a number of his children looked on, excited that they would have meat to eat that evening…..

As we drove along, Vashko was sitting next to me on the back of the truck….

….and he gestured for Bredger to stop. He had seen a lion track in the road…..HOW DID HE SEE IT?

It was a huge track….sorry that I didn’t put my hand down there for context!!

On one of our forays, we ran into one (of many) termite mounds. Here I AM next to it for context….

There was one night when Michael and I were the only people in camp and, since we are not considered to be guests, the staff decided to do a “sundowner” together……ie drink Gin & Tonic and watch the sunset!!! I hate that Mark Haldane wasn’t there but this is a magnificent photo of the entire crew…..

….and NO, the color is NOT photoshopped!!

The camp itself was a usual hive of activity.

This was our tent…..

…..and this was our Warthog……

….who wandered around the camp, immune to the people wandering past him.

There were monkeys on the roofs…..

Red Duiker at the firepit…..

….and an amazing millipede…..

Look at all of those legs…..

And then there was the HUGE scorpion…..

….originally found ON my bed!!! Fortunately, we found him right before we left camp so I didn’t have nightmares about it while we were there!!!

Our time here is growing to a close so, one more fabulous sunset shot……

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  1. Sorry you’ve been sick!! May you recover quickly and get your strength back for the rest of the trip!

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