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Portrait of a Palmetto

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my position in the truck is in the back, with my head over the cab. While this leaves me open to all sorts of disasters, it also means I have a GREAT view of the world as we travel.

On our early morning adventure, I started enjoying the Palmetto trees, particularly in the “golden hour” light…..

THEN, I started looking at the curve that forms when you look at the leaf from the side…..

Do you see a paper-pieced quilt or is it just me????

Next, I noticed the “angel” type wings that you see when you look at it head on…..

Then I started looking at how they overlap in the trees…..

….and then at the tree as a whole……

Wouldn’t it be fun to play with something like this…..

Now, let’s be honest….

I am not SUPER excited about the paper-piecing process so this particular design will probably NEVER materialize, but it sure was fun to think about for a couple of hours as we drove thru the flood plain of Coutada 11!!!

So….if this tickles your fancy……PLEASE….be my guest!!!

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