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Visiting The KING…

…..of beasts that is!!

On our last day, in camp, the trackers had gone out, looking for various animals, and had radioed in to say that they had found a male lion.

Johan immediately threw us in the truck and sped toward the area.

As we neared the area, he suggested that we climb out of the cab and get on the back of the truck…


With a lion around…

Can’t they jump??

So, with us settled in the back, we continued our journey.

At one point, we could see the trackers, so knew that the lion must be close…..

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize just how close he was!!

All of a sudden they started yelling and pointing. Michael and I were looking everywhere trying to find the cat. Then there he was…. about 20 yards away from the truck!!

I immediately started snapping photos……

…..as he slowly mosied his way thru the tall grass…..

Apparently, he had been thru a long night and was ready for a nap.

He looked at us lazily for about 10 minutes…..

and then flopped on his side…..

As Johan started the truck, he circled the lion and Lawrence (as Michael and I named him) turned his head and followed us…..

The best photos were probably at the end when we were driving away. Apparently, Lawrence decided that he would give us a few more poses before we left…..

There is a quote from Robert Ruark (author of “The Old Man and The Boy”) that is the perfect description of what we saw…..

He looked very burly and handsome against a backdrop of green bush, the yellowing grass just matching his hide. he looked at us and yawned as we drove slowly toward him, with all the bored disdain that a prime lion can muster.

Robert Ruark

This is my absolute favorite of all of the shots……

I especially love that it looks like he has “curled” his mane for the sitting!!

This was one of the most surreal things I have ever done, and I love all the photos!! They are a wonderful reminder of an amazing event!!

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  1. I have been following your trip and enjoying all your posts. Your pictures and descriptions have been wonderful! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

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