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Sundowner on the Dune

On our last night in camp, we were treated to a “Sundowner on the Dune”!!

We were told to dress warmly and be ready at 4:30. Johan and Koos joined us on a slow drive thru the beautiful country. We stopped for a few photos….

….especially of this very large bird called a “Kori Bustard”…..

After driving for about 30 minutes, stopping to view more animals….

…and gorgeous scenery…..

….we arrived at the dune, to find that Belis had set up an amazing spread for us……

….complete with nibbles and drinks…..

….and a warming fire pit…..

We enjoyed sitting around the fire and talking to our two new friends…..

….while around us, the skies turned marvelous colors!!

And the dunes show a bright red…..

There was plenty of time for photos in the glorious sunset…..

….a SWEET reminder of our time here in the Kalahari!!

So, with one final sunset shot…..

Okay….maybe two…..

…it was time for us to head home again.

This trip has been an amazing adventure and we have so many people to thank for making it wonderful. From the servers who made endless cups of tea for me, to the women who washed my stinky clothes, to the lodge owners who made us feel a part of their family…Michael and I say

And….thank you readers for joining me along the way.

Now it is back to quilting…..YEAH!!!!

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