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Quilt blocks at the Iglesia

Back in 2015, Michael did a week-long teaching stint in Bogota Colombia. Like most people my age, the thought of going to Colombia was fraught with peril, but we found it to be an inviting and fun place to visit.

On our last day, Michael and I went sightseeing and enjoyed several amazing places in the city.

BUT…then we came to the Iglesia Del Carmen……

Isn’t that an amazing color for a church??

We couldn’t get inside, but I was THRILLED to find quilt blocks all along the outside of the building…..

You can actually see them better if I turn them to a horizontal orientation…..

Isn’t this last one great?

But, my absolute FAVORITE was this spiral…..

It was so colorful and fun!!

If you want to hear more about the day, including a Guinea-Pig race, read on….

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6 thoughts on “Quilt blocks at the Iglesia

  1. Wow. A quilt with spiral blocks…that would be so cool. This pictures are so inspiring.

  2. What beautiful tile work! I’ll have to agree with your opinion about the spiral colors. Lovely!

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