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It’s BASTING time…..

As I have mentioned previously, I have two projects that I want to get finished in the next month or so. The first is “Sadie the Saddle-Billed Stork” and she is coming along nicely…..

The other project is my Color Wheel Quilt that I started several years ago and it is NOW TIME TO QUILT IT!!!

But, the first thing is to get it basted…..

But it is HUGE!!!!

My friend Marnie joined me this past week and we got the job done….

If you are viewing this blog post on your email, you will need to click into the actual blog post to see it. For some reason, it won’t embed directly.

So now it is basted and ready to go……

Next step….

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3 thoughts on “It’s BASTING time…..

    1. Thanks Jodie. I am planning to go but it is the week before we travel overseas again so I am going to have to get a bit closer and decide for sure!!! How is your trip??

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