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Barn (Quilt) Raising

Back in March, at our guild Quilt Show, I purchased a barn quilt from one of our vendors….Bear Creek Lodge.

There were some wonderful designs……

….and this was my choice….

The board that it was painted on was fairly thin and I was concerned about screwing hooks into it so it was time to do some thinking!!

I found a board in the garage and used Gorilla Glue to attach it to the back of the Barn Quilt…..

I then added the eye screws to the board. PLEASE tell me you have seen this trick to screw the eye in…..

That simple trick has saved my fingers MANY times over!!

Now it was time to figure out how to hang it. I tried brick clips but they wouldn’t work on our wall. SO….how about a hook in the woodwork and a long wire…..

I found a clear wire that worked well but it was very “flexible” and I was concerned about the knots holding it in place. Fortunately, the wire came with excellent instructions….

…and I ended up with a very secure connection…..

I gave the entire hanging a few spray coats of sealer and then……

I LOVE how it looks and am so glad that I purchased it.

Now, I need to make a matching cushion…..

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