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Cheesecloth fun!!

I am enjoying working on “Sadie” but each step has provided a different set of issues.

Now that I had all of the meadow grass done…..

….it was time to tackle the trees/leaves at the very back of the photo.

Since the focal point of the photo was Sadie, it meant that the background was blurred out…..

….and I really wanted to accomplish this on the quilt as well.


I knew that fabric would be too stark and that painting would be too different from the intense thread of the rest of the background!!

While racking my brain, I hit upon the blog post I had written about making the “Botero Flower Garden” quilt….

In it, I talked about dyeing cheesecloth and using it as the background.


There was only one way to find out….. head to the garage and do some dyeing!!

I pulled out my box of “Set-A Color” Fabric Paints from Pebeo……

….and grabbed some supplies out of my “painting bin”…..

I pulled these colors for the greens…..

….and these browns and greys……

I had one piece of cheesecloth already on my shelf and found two other types in my local store. It was interesting to see the different textures and colors…..

I had a fun hour and dyed LOTS of pieces of cheesecloth.

I am NOT a person who carefully measures her dyes but rather I throw in what I think will work and go from there.

In each case, I put one of each type of cheesecloth into a bowl and poured in the paint……

I then added water to the bowl to give more liquid volume……..

….and proceeded to dip and squeeze until the cloth was completely covered in paint…..

I continued this process until I had a bunch of pieces in greens and browns…..

When they were dry, I headed back to my studio and carefully ironed each piece…..

Now that I had LOTS of cheesecloth to play with…..

…..the question was how to use them!!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you what I came up with!!!

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