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Reels of inspiration!!

While a lot of the Facebook reels are a bit annoying, every once in a while I hit on one that makes me so excited.

This was one of them……

It started out simply enough with a few lines on a page…..

Then more lines…..

At this point I am wondering exactly what it is going to be!!

But once the color is added……

….I am TRULY in love with this design!!

In particular, I like how the boxes start out on the top right and magically end up on the bottom left.

Since I like piecing 60-degree diamonds so much, I might have to try this one day!!

I checked out the artist who drew this and found his YouTube Channel. This is a video that has several of his 3-D drawings but starts out with this one that I like.



Would you ever try a design like this??

Am I crazy to try it???



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