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And the winners are…….

When Linda and I entered the International Quilt Festival, we headed immediately to the BIG winners and they did not disappoint!!

This was the “Machine Artistry” Award…….

“Filigree Caligraphy” by Janet Stone

Janet is known for her perfectionism and also for having an alphabet in her quilt. This one was perfect!!

The “Contemporary Artistry” award was given to this quilt…..

“Summer Shower” by Akiko Matsumura

This was her artist statement—-

On a summer morning, when I looked up on the walkway where I usually walk, I saw a slight blue sky among the many leaves. The sight was very pleasant to me and I love this place. I made this quilt with that feeling in mind.

She DEFINITELY achieved that feeling.

Here is a close-up…..

I love the quilting that she used to help the background recede.

The Thread Artistry award was given to…..

“Fullness” by Yoshiyuki Ishizaki

She added embroidery to the “Baltimore Album” style blocks …..

The “Innovative Artistry” award went to……

“Those Darn Boys” by Judy Crotts

There were several fun things with this quilt, including the clothing that was made from fabrics that were folded to achieve the movement…..

This next quilt won the “Contemporary Artistry” award…..

“Beauty in the Broken” by Kathy Wylie

There is NOT a black background behind this quilt…… it is all “open work” and lace work…..

I am going to have to do some research about this technique as it was AWESOME!!

On day two, the maker, Kathy Wylie was standing with her quilt, patiently answering all of our questions. Here is her description of the process…..

And now for the “Best of Show”….. you have probably been seeing this quilt all over Facebook…..

“Monkeys in My Hair” by Deborah Hyde

This quilt is amazing and there are so many little things to see!! It is based on 1/4-inch squares……

….and the hair contains all sorts of interesting secrets…..

It was truly worth of the BEST OF SHOW and it was such fun to see it up close.

Sadly, most of the makers of these award-winning quilts were not at the show so we haven’t been able to ask our usual questions….like “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING”!!!!

Seeing these six quilts bodes well for the rest of the show!!!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing quilts from all of the categories and exhibits, so be sure to come back for more!!!

If you don’t want to miss my personal tour of the International Quilt Festival, be sure to subscribe…….

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