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Let’s Get Abstract!!

The first category that I want to highlight from the International Quilt Festival are the Abstract Quilts. A number of these had also appeared at Quilt Con back in March. Isn’t it interesting how the two categories intertwine??

The Blue ribbon went to……

“Swamp (Pond Series No.5) bu Roberta Lagonmarsini

The quilting added a lot of motion to it……

This quilt was a fantastic conflagration of diamonds…..

“Rough Cut” by Peter Hayward.

At first glance, it looked like very tiny pieced diamonds, but after reading the artist’s statement, we realized that all of those little pieces are fused!!

That would certainly make it easier to design, but I am not sure how the pieces are held on!! Regardless, I love the designs formed by the diamonds!!

The curved piecing in this next one is perfect…..

“Journey” by Nancy Lambert

….and the quilting highlights it so nicely!!

I have always loved Robbi Eklow and this quilt is no exception

“Meditation” by Robbi Eklow

Look at this terrific quilting…..

This quilt was just FUN……

“Party at the Cabin” by Wendy L. Starn

This quilt appealed to me……

“Mix and Mingle” by Barbara Oliver Hartman

The composition is fairly simple, but the addition of painted elements brings it to a higher level…..

And, of course, I love the straight-line quilting.

This quilt won the 2nd place ribbon…..

“Good Vibrations” by Barbara Oliver Hartman

There were several quilts in the show that used this same technique and I was interested in the texture that they achieved.

As best as I can tell, they are made from snippets and other bits and pieces of fabrics and then QUILTED TO DEATH!!……

The quilting brings out a texture that reminds me of a rug rather than a quilt. It is effective!!!

The 3rd place ribbon was won by……

“Wing Variation 2” by Jane Sassaman

She added some great touches using embroidery and quilting…..

And finally, this wonderful quilt from Jean Wells (the woman who dreamed up the “Sisters Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show”)……

“Surfside & Beyond” by Jean Wells Keenan


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