Heading to Turkey for inspiration

Yesterday I spent some time looking thru photos from previous international trips, starting with a 2012 trip to Turkey. We had two weeks in the country, beginning with one week in the small city of Kars, located in the far eastern part of the country, not far from the Armenia border.

If you are interested in posts from the trip, start HERE. I will say that it was one of the sweetest trips that we have been on, and we have been on a few!!

Anyway, back to the inspiration…..

I took a photo of this road while walking around in the city…..

….ignore my foot!!

As I studied this photo I started playing with pen and paper, trying to get an idea of how I might turn it into a quilt.

This has potential but if I want to offset the “spools”, I will have to piece the strip between the rectangles and then attach them. That could get tricky!!

I played a bit more with the spool idea and came up with this thought…..

It might be fun to use stripe fabrics in each of the blocks…..

Anyway, for now this is just a thought to put back for a later time, but it was a fun exercise!!!

What things inspire you??