The Reboot quilt…..

Yesterday I wrote about needing to reboot my creativity and pulled a quilt that I had started at a retreat a while back.

My thought was to lay out the blocks in a diagonal set with large navy sashing between them…..

So I headed to the machine and started piecing the sets together…..

Then it was time to press…..and that is where the rot set in…..

As I looked at these gorgeous fabrics and colors, I started wondering if they would lose some of their impact by setting them on a diagonal.

I spread them out like a brick wall would be…..

….and decided that I really liked it!!

But what if I added “grout” to the top and bottom….

….and maybe turned it vertical…..

OKAY….now there are TOO many options!!!

I started making long strips and attaching them together…..

But this is going to be boring if that is ALL that I do.

So, what if I added the diagonal pieces to both sides?

I hopped onto Procreate and sketched out this idea…..

I kind of like it!!

I laid it up on the wall to see what I thought…..

…and that is when I realized that I won’t have enough of the Navy fabric!!

So now I am waiting for fabric to be delivered and honestly, have lost interest in the project again!!

It will go back in the box and re-emerge some other day.

BUT it did the job that was intended…..

Stay tuned for more!!

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Marble Fabric must go!!

Back in the early 1990’s, I participated in a workshop where we marbled fabric. It was SO much fun!!

Now, back then I didn’t have a lot of money for quilting so some of the fabric was not great quality… was what I could afford at the time!!

Regardless, I came away with an amazing array of fabrics.

Then, 15 years later, one of my friends moved and gifted me with all of HER marbled fabrics too.

The bottom line is that I have a box FULL of marbled fabrics that are at least 30 years old….


There is a good range of fabrics and colors……

….and I needed a design that could handle all of those differences!!

Several months ago I posted a photo of a wall from the “Tower of London”….

…and in my “Marbles Must Go” delirium, I decided to go with this idea for the marbled fabrics.

I started out by cutting my marbled fabrics into 5-1/2-inch strips and adding a 1-inch navy strip to one side……

I then sub-cut the strips into 3-inch bricks and I quickly had a good set to play with…..

This is what I am thinking……

Make three (or more) panels of these pieces with wide blue borders in between.

I am hoping that the navy fabric will help to tame all of the different patterns and colors from the marbled fabrics.

What do you think?? Will it work???