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Twelve Ways to Quilt a Sawtooth Saw

In this challenge we will look at 12 different ways to quilt the same block.
Let's get started.

If you want to make a Sawtooth Star Quilt, CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

There are a number of printed resources available for this challenge, including a pdf Sawtooth Star Block that you can print out and practice your designs…..CLICK HERE

If you don’t have time to make the quilt but still want to participate, there is a pdf version that prints to 12-inches. You can trace it onto your fabric and practice your quilting there.  CLICK HERE for the pdf.

Finally, if you use a drawing APP on your IPAD, there is a jpg of the block that you can download into your APP and practice to your hearts content. CLICK HERE for the jpg.

The introduction video will give more information about the challenge. Be sure to check it out first.

All finished....click to read post

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