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A day with the Felting Machine

On Saturday morning my husband and I did the local attractions and visited a Dog Show and the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation artists market. We bought a few pottery pieces that we will take on our next overseas trip to use as thank you’s for people who host us. We like to take things that are made here at home.

When we got back home, Michael (hubby) kicked me out of the kitchen so he could make Marinara Sauce (and listen to music VERY loud), so I retreated to my studio. Even though I have several quilting projects going on, I decided to pull out the Felting Machine and play a little bit. I ended up making this small purse out of a piece of black wool felt that had been given to me.
I am still not super good with the felter, but I know that I learn something from each project and that I will soon get the hang of it!!!

For this piece, I used a Silk Hankie and a Silk Cap that I bought last year in Australia, and some wool yarn that I found on a clearance table for $2 per skein.

3 thoughts on “A day with the Felting Machine

  1. This is just gorgeous. You are a true artist, to have made something so beautiful. While you still consider yourself “still not super good with the felter,” it’s obvious that you’re super-talented in a variety of mediums.

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