Starry-Night in Bethlehem

September, 1986……Continuing on my quilting journey, I now move into the realm of machine piecing. Up until now I had done most everything by hand, even though it had taken a lot of time. Then, I saw this little quilt pattern in a magazine and I really wanted to try it. However, in the pattern, the star only had the bottom half so I knew that I needed to make some adjustments to it. I was concerned that I would spend a week or more piecing it and then it wouldn’t work, so I decided to try my hand at machine piecing.

As with my first quilt, I did just about everything WRONG!!!! I prepared the templates and cut out the fabrics as if I was hand piecing. I drew the sewing lines on the fabrics and then pieced along the lines.

The upshot of this was that I had the top pieced in ONE DAY….not one week!!!

I quilted it by hand, using some very bad metallic threads, and even added a little padding to some of the houses to create a bit of texture.

I was very proud of it and still hang it at Christmas time.

2 thoughts on “Starry-Night in Bethlehem

  1. It is a great piece. Don’t we do some funny things when we are learning? My first quilt was a double bed quilt and I got tired of cutting out pieces round templates by hand so I went and bought a rotary cutter so that I could do several at once ( I might add that I had made the templates from paper!) Anyway the quilt got finished and is still in use today 20 years later.

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