Trapunto Two Ways

I have been quilting the large trapunto piece that I have previously shown…..Here is the latest picture of it…….

Once again, I am desperately hoping that they blue lines come out!!!!!

The May challenge for the British Quilt List challenge is a trapunto piece as well. I have been wanting to try doing trapunto a different way (I read it in some magazine but cant now find the magazine) and decided that this was a good piece to try it on. I liked this method because it meant that I didn’t have to cut out the batting from the back of the quilt…..I always manage to cut the front fabric by mistake.

Here is what I did……

Draw the outside lines of the design onto freezer paper and then lightly iron it onto the batting You could also draw these directly on the batting, but I couldn’t figure out what pen to use……

Cut out the pieces and remove the freezer paper…..

Lay out the pieces on the front fabric… have to be careful because everything is backwards….

I know that this is not easy to do because I realized that my word would read right to left rather than left to right so I had to change it after I had already started sewing. Here is how I changed it. …..

Use Water Soluble thread in the bobbin and regular thread in the needle and free-motion stitch on the back of the quilt top (around the edges of the batting pieces). This holds them in place and puts an outline of the pieces on the front of the quilt. You can see in the previous picture that I have already sewn around the “A”. Here is the front after the outlining has been done…..

Baste the quilt …..I also used a blue wash-out pen and drew in a few details…..

Stipple the background….by the way, the pattern I used took forever and used a huge amount of thread.

Soak the piece in cool water to remove the blue lines and the wash-out thread.

Replace the water with hot water and soak for a few minutes. Pop into a hot dryer until dry.

Square up the piece (it lost over 1/2 inch in this process)….

A few things that I learned……this works great for large shapes that will be trapuntoed (is that a word???).

Using this particular type of stippling you need to make sure that the shapes are larger….you may notice that the flower leaves on the right sort of disappeared among the stippling.

I am looking forward to trying this again, changing these few things.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Trapunto Two Ways

  1. Frances, your work is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial because I’m almost ready to try trapunto and you make it look easy.

  2. The quilt is beautiful, fingers crossed for the blue lines. The method you are showing is a good one. Ricky Tims demonstrated it on TQS some time ago and it looked great.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Frances. Am so glad I found your blog. Many interesting things to see and learn.I’m into feathers at the moment – c/o Patsy Thompson!!Babs McInnis

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