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Bits and Pieces

I finished the last two BQL challenges yesterday, including binding. Here they are…..

I especially enjoyed doing the embellishing on the purses.

I had commissioned my friend Anita’s husband (Bill) to make a rust piece for me that looked like sunflowers. Last night she presented me with this wonderful piece…..

I cant decide which side I want to use…..what do you think?

I think that I am going to print out a bunch of copies of this photo and practice designing the quilting.

I am leaving for Texas in the morning to spend a few days with my Mom. The main project that I want to do is to document all of her quilts……she has done some wonderful ones.

I will try to post if I can. I am actually excited about trying to do an email post, but am not sure that I know how. If you see some strange entries, you will know that I am trying to figure out the process.

Until later…….

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. This is Ashley, Martha Gillilan’s daughter(from Abilene). I heard Aunt Lois(I guess you don’t call her “Aunt” Lois, duh!) say once that you do your finishing by machine. Do you really do that on full size quilts? I think that sounds easier, but the only finishing quilting I’ve done on a machine were on baby quilts, so it was really easy to do on the small sewing machines.

  2. You are obviously going to take back some wonderful memories from this trip, even tough you have decided against the move. I could do with finding a place like that which does what they do with tea, but with coffee. Obviously no H & S over there, what on earth was he doing?

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