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Flying is ALWAYS a surprise

Well, the trip to Texas started out great…..with the sighting of quilts at the Atlanta airport. There is an art show in the “T”concourse called “From Tradition to Innovation” and there is a wonderful section of small quilts……

But, things went downhill from there. We boarded the airplane and headed out to the runway and were next in line to take off. Then the Captain came on and said that Dallas Airport had thunderstorms and were not letting any planes headed that way take off for at least THREE hours. So, they turned around and took us back to the terminal.

As I was finally about the board the plane, I got a phone message from American Airlines saying that they had cancelled my flight out of Dallas, but had booked me on one leaving at 6:45pm. I got to the Dallas Airport and immediately asked if there were any earlier flights and the attendant gave me “stand-by status” on a flight at 4:45. But, as the afternoon went on they just kept on cancelling flights and it ended up that the 4:45 flight that I was “standing by” for actually left about 15 minutes AFTER my 6:45 flight. I laughed at one announcement…..it began “if you were planning to fly to…..”……not the words that you ever want to hear at the airport.

Anyway, I made it to Abilene about 7:45pm….only 6 hours late!!!!

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