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Personal Quilt Show – Entry #2

This past week I showed my first quilt, so today I thought I would reveal my second quilt……

The year was 1985 (July to be exact) ……I had started taking quilting lessons when this one was made, so it is much better quality than the first quilt. It was made for another baby that was due right around my due date. As a matter of fact, I was working on it the day that my son was born.

For this quilt I used patterns that I had copied out of some now unknown magazine and used a proper hand applique technique.

I didn’t have access to a quilt frame, so this one was thread basted and then lap quilted without any sort of hoop. I did most of it while sitting at our table with the quilt spread out flat in front of me.

I remember being VERY proud of how it turned out, even though it has now been almost 24 years since I made it.

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