I am a member of the Yahoo Group, “British Quilt List”, which I joined two years ago just before we were making a 2 month trip to England. Last year they had a bag making monthly challenge. I did the January bag and then decided that I really wasn’t interested in making 12 bags, so I dropped out.

This year, I joined the challenge again. The theme for the year is making calendar quilts….each is 12 inches square and follows instructions and themes set by the challenge moderator, Kandy Newton. (By the way, I got to spend a day with Kandy while in England and she is a wonderful quilter and a hoot to be around!!!).

Well, I made the January quilt (click here to see it) and had it posted to the BQL photos before the first week in January. Things went down hill from there!!!!!

So, this past two weeks I have been working to catch up on the challenges and here are my next three entries……

The February quilt was going to be based on a bed of Daffodils that were growing
just outside my window, but a freak Snow Storm (we dont often get snow) greatly
shortened their duration. This quilt will help me to remember their beauty.

The March quilt uses a photo that I took at Kew Gardens when visiting London two
years ago. My husband was visiting a researcher there and we arrived at the
research facility about 1-1/2 hours before the gardens opened. I had planned to
just walk slowly to the main entrance and wait for opening, but was told to go
on into the gardens from the research entrance. So, I got to spend over an hour
wandering the gardens before the hoards of school children arrived. It was

The April purses use fabrics that I bought in India last year. I still have to
bind this one and add a bunch of embellishments, but those can be done in front
of the TV and at my leisure.

I have done a lot of FMQ, but never while in such a hurry, so I put my foot down
and let the needle fly. It was actually quite fun!!

I just got the instructions for the May challenge……a machine trapunto piece!!! Maybe I will get it finished in the next 30 days!!!

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