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Blew Two

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, our guild is in the middle of a challenge project which is due at our June meeting next week.  The challenge is called “Am I Blue” and the idea is to make a quilt somehow related to the word blue.

Well,  I got inspired a few weeks ago and completed a quilt for the challenge.  Then I had lunch with my friend Sue T, and she off-handedly said that she immediately thought of the word “BLEW”  as in someone blowing on a dandelion.

When we were in Kunming China 2 weeks ago, I took a photo of a statue that had this wonderful little boy in it…..

_5135285 I immediately thought of Sue’s idea for the challenge!!!

When I returned to the US, I contacted her and asked if she had followed thru on her idea and she said that she had moved on to another idea and that I could use it if I wanted.

SO, I printed out the photo and headed to my studio.  I first pulled out any fabrics that I thought might work with the photo and then started playing around with blocks to go with it.  I knew that I wanted to do pinwheels of some sort  and started out with a three-dimensional pinwheel that was presented last year on the British Quilt List Calendar Challenge.   It was perfect for the quilt.

I had planned to graph out the entire quilt before I started piecing, but ended up getting too excited and just started making pinwheels of various sizes.  The nice thing about them was that I made them too big and I could easily cut them down to the size that I wanted.

I wanted something to echo the stick that the pinwheel is on so decided to use some beads to make my own stick with. 

Here is the completed top……..Cropped

Tomorrow I will fill you in on the quilting problems and solutions!!!

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