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Blew Two – part 2


Yesterday I posted about the making of this quilt top……


Now I had to figure out how to quilt it…..

I figured that I wanted to having the quilting represent wind, but wasn’t sure enough about it to just sit down and start quilting.  Then, I started thinking about some of the ideas that I tell my students and decided to actually use one  of them myself….shocking!!!!

I took a photo of the top and  made several photocopies of it and started doodling to see what I would like.  Here are several of my first tries…..

 Scan_Pic0020 Scan_Pic0018 Scan_Pic0019

Well, I wasn’t happy with any of these and couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I put it aside for a couple of days.

When I picked it up again, I immediately knew what was wrong…..wind would be blowing all in the same direction…..it wouldn’t go all over the place!!!!  Once I realized that, it was a simple matter to design the quilting.Scan_Pic0021

I used a metallic thread to do the quilting and am quite happy with the results._6015562

I decided to face the quilt rather than bind it.  If you are interested in learning an easy way to face a quilt, check out this website.   The only thing that I would change would be to make the facing a little bit narrower, especially for a small quilt like this one.


After I had completely finished the quilt, I remembered that I had thought of putting a swishy bead border at the  bottom of the quilt.  If I get REALLY energetic, I may take off the facing and add the beads, but dont hold your breath!!

In the long run, this is not only a good addition to the “Blue” challenge, but a fun reminder of our time in Kunming, China.

2 thoughts on “Blew Two – part 2

  1. Just catching up on blogs. What a lovely response to the challenge. Amazing how a little distance can be just what is needed to enable us to see the solution to a problem clearly. By the way, I like it as it is without the addition of more beads.

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