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Flower Pots with Mom


Several weeks ago my Mom returned the applique blocks that I had put together and sent to her to finish the raw edges……


Now I need to figure out how to set it. 

  –  Do I put sashings around the blocks, and if so, what color(s)

  –  Do I leave the blocks in a lump like this?

  –  What type of border…. pieced, appliqued flower vines  (if Mom is willing to do more flowers)


I had hoped to play with this in EQ7 but am finding it a bit “less than intuitive”!!!

I may end up printing the photos out and playing on paper.

3 thoughts on “Flower Pots with Mom

  1. Lovely!If you CAN get EQ7 to work for you it's a wonderful, fast way to preview a lot of looks.A pieced sashing,say small-ish 4-patches, will give this a lovely, folk-arty look. Then a pieced border will finish it off nicely without your mom having to get back into it – unless, of course, she wants to!A printed sashing and border will make it look more formal, depending of course on the print, and will also give you options to play with the size …A solid border with more applique is probably more traditional. And don't forget to try out some of your new beading skills! Embellishments will add lots of personality to this pattern! (And we all know you have LOTS and LOTS of personality!)Hope it's fun!

  2. Lovely blocks Frances. I would be inclined to go with a sashing although have no idea what kind. It partially depends on how much time you want to spend on it but Marybeth ha some great ides in her comments.

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