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Changing boats in mid stream……

Yesterday I didn’t end up spending time in the studio, but did do some creating in my flower garden.   Many of the perennials that I had planted last spring did not make it thru the harsh winter so I set out looking for new ones.   Then I had the thought that, since the bed was so small, I could easily plant annuals each year and increase my flower to foliage ratio!!!   So, I first weeded the bed and trimmed back some dead stems and then I enjoyed planting about 25 new plants….about half perennial and half annual.  


Now I just get to wait for them to grow and bloom!!!

I also had to deal with a pesky set of deer who have been enjoying a few of my leafier plants and pulling up my tulip bulbs by the leaves!!!!  Hopefully the application of a deer repellent will do the trick!!


This morning I met a fellow quilter for coffee and then returned home to get started on my “Blue Mosque” project.

Now, if you cast your mind back to the previous post about this project, I had all of my fabrics picked out, organized  and ready to use.

I started laying those fabrics in roughly the spots they would occupy……


But then I realized that there needed to be a light source and that the fabrics were going to be too dark.   SO…….

The fabric that I found to be the light in the window was blue and not tealDSC02269

….. so all of the other fabrics needed to change as well!!

At this point, I was starting to tense up because I wasn’t sticking with my original plan, but I gave myself a good talkin’ to and told myself to just go with the flow.  Apparently I listened  because I was able to go forward and keep making changes.

I had thought that the windows in each dome would be yellow, but as I tried lots of different fabrics, it became clear that these first ones needed to be bluish…..


I found one piece of hand-dyed fabric that I had bought at some point (I think that it was actually a drop cloth that someone just squeezed together to meld the dyes) and was able to cut the first set of windows from it.

I also made a decision to cut the windows as a unit rather than making each one individually.   This is a bit of a pain to cut, but it sure makes the layout process easier!!!!

At the end of my afternoon, the first dome was formed…..


I am fusing the pieces together and had originally thought that I would lay out the entire top before I started actually fusing.   After this one dome, I think that I will go ahead and fuse sets together as I go.

Tomorrow is free except for a trip to the gym early in the morning and dinner with good friends at their house in the evening, so I cant wait to get back to it!!!!

2 thoughts on “Changing boats in mid stream……

  1. I'm not surprised that you are wanting to get back to this, it looks so exciting.lovely colour in your plants and they'll fill, out so quickly to give you a glorious display.

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