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On Saturday, I found this comic strip in our paper……


….and I felt that it was an appropriate mantra for my summer.   I want to…..

DO…..some task from my list


DO…..some task

BE…..with friends and family

DO…..something fun and silly!!


And, when you think of my list, you HAVE to sing it to the tune of “Strangers in the Night”….that is what comes into my mind!!


On Saturday, I started out with a “Do” and scrapped and repainted the metal pole that holds our mail box.   It was rusting and looking pretty bad but 1-1/2 hours of scraping, cleaning and spraying with rust-resistant paint made it look great.   OK…one thing off of my “DO” list.

Next was to head to the studio and work more on the Dome quilt.  For some reason, I am nervous about this quilt and have to motivate myself to work on each new section.   At the end of the day, I had added only a little bit to the composition but had done a lot of thinking about where to go next……


I was VERY unsure about using the green, but I think that it will look good in the long run.  It has some of the same blues and a hint of gold in the pattern.

The arch supports are the next thing to tackle.  I am thinking about introducing some grey and black, but am still not sure.   Guess I need to just cut a few of the support pieces from different fabrics and see what I like!!!

…..more to come…..

2 thoughts on “Do-Be-Do-Be-Do

  1. I must say that I was humming the song, even before I read that I should. Great idea to use it as a mantra.I like the addition of the green, it works particularly well against the purple.

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