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I started this morning with a fun “BE”…..coffee with a quilting friend!!!

The “DO” for the day included a bit of accounting work and vacuuming the ceramic logs in our gas fireplace.

Then I toddled upstairs to work on the Domes and the rot set in!!    I wanted to put some of the support beams in place before I continued with more domes, but I simply cant figure out what fabrics to use.

I have cut, placed and photographed at least 15 different fabrics and I simply am not happy with any of them!!!   I thought that I had decided when I used the navy blues…..


….but now I am not so sure!!

I am wondering if I don’t want to use lighter fabrics rather than darks???  Looking at the photo again, I am thinking about continuing with the green fabrics for the supports. 

But for now I think that I will put that decision off a little longer and start on the other decorative bits for the purple domes.  Besides, it might be better to do the supports last……

As my favorite “Calvin and Hobbes” quote says…..”A day without denial is a day you have to face!!!”

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