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Decision made….well actually, decision put off!!

On Wednesday, I spent the morning visiting with a quilting friend who was getting ready to try machine quilting on her first quilt.   So, I drove to her house and showed her a few tips to get her started.  She has made a very cute purple and yellow baby quilt and I cant wait to see how she quilts it.

This afternoon (Thursday), I decided to continue with the Domes, but just not worry about the support beams for right now.

I had a great three hours playing with fabrics and seeing what I could use in my stash without having to buy anything else.

This is where I stopped……


However, I know that I am going to change the two left hand domes from the purplish color to the mottled blue and pink of those on the right.

The more I look at this, I think that the support beams need to be of a lighter color, but who knows….there are lots of days left to decide that!!!

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