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It’s detail time…..

Today, I spent about 4 hours just fixing small problems and adding some details to the piece. 

I decided that I wanted to change one of the window designs so ended up drawing a “floweresque” design instead of the circles in the original photo……


The design doesn’t pop much, but I think that I kind of like the subtleness of it.  And, if I don’t, I will add some more pop with the quilting.

This is where I ended for the day…..


And I have to ask…..does anyone else work in this sort of mess????…..


I mentioned last time that I still needed to piece the 8 pointed star blocks, and one of my fellow guild members (Sylvia) reminded me that I didn’t HAVE to piece it, but could applique it instead…..good thought!!   By the way, click HERE to see Sylvia’s entry in the challenge.  I LOVE her creativity!!

Oh, and one more thing…..have I mentioned that this has to be finished by next Tuesday???   Yikes!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s detail time…..

  1. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one whose sewing space looks like that ALL. THE. TIME! I see all these pictures of lovely organized studios online, and I think that those are lovely, but where are the heaps of fabrics flung everywhere?

  2. It's looking really good. My studio also looks as though a bomb has hit it when I'm working which is why I have to tidy up before I can start anything else.Sylvia's entry is beautiful.

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