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Turning the corner

For the last few days, I have been completely unhappy with the way that the Dome quilt was coming.  I have moved fabrics back and forth, recut pieces two and three times and took copious numbers of photographs, hoping that I would be magically inspired.

At this point, I had just about had it……DSC09153

I was starting to work on the arches and was thinking about using green for the supports, but just felt that it would be too blah.

So, I started looking thru fabrics and came up with this one piece….a hand-dye that was half peachy and half grey-brown.   I then found a few other pieces that complimented that piece…..and I was off again….

The unfortunate part was that I only had a small piece of this inspiration fabric, and I can tell you that it takes courage to cut this piece out, knowing that I don’t have any more


I did some stupid things while cutting this fabric, including cutting a couple of pieces too small and having to piece some together because the color change happened in the wrong place.   But I have finished with it and have a few inches to spare!!

After several hours of cutting, previewing, discarding, and cutting again, I felt like I needed to see where the borders were going to be, so I added some black fabric around the sides to give me an idea of how the finished project would look.  At this point, I actually started to like what I had done!!


There are still a LOT of  details that need to be added or changed in some way, but I think that it will work now!!!

If you remember, the purpose of this quilt was to fit into a guild challenge where we have to use this 8 pointed star…..


….and you might well ask where that block will go.

The plan is to put 8 of those blocks into the one open arch……will see how hard it will be to piece this block in a 3 inch size!!!

At least I can go to bed happy!!!

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