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International Quilt Festival–Final Roundup

Now, almost three weeks later, it is time to finish up my posts about IQF.   I found the show to be amazing and encouraging and I came away with tons of ideas and thoughts about my future in quilting.   The main thought that kept coming to my mind was the need to concentrate more  on the details and to spend the time needed to finish a project strong!!

Here are a few of my favorite quilts……

This quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert was part of the Tactile Architecture exhibit……IMG_4098

…..as were these two by Jill Kertula…..IMG_4273


I was mesmerized by the interplay of photographs and fabric…..so much movement!!!

I have seen this quilt by Olga Gonzalez-Angulo in magazines but the photos did nothing to show just how amazing it was…..IMG_4190

Of course this is just another photo so I guess that I am not helping you too much!!!

This piece by Jan Reed called “The End of the Drought” was very evocative…..IMG_4264

There were several pieces that were reminiscent of the Zentangle movement including this piece by Mikyung Jang……IMG_4293

Our four-legged friends were well represented as well.   I loved this fun quilt by Hiroko Miyama aptly named “You Know What?”…..


…and this quilt by Lea McComas entitled “Cruisin” just stole my heart…..IMG_4308

As a side note, when I showed my daughter this quilt she immediately started sending me photos of her German Shorthair Pointer with hints that she would LOVE a quilt of Riley!!

And, this little guy looked like he would crawl right off of the wall (by Tonya Littmann)….IMG_4326

There were some interesting uses of fabric in this piece by Soyoung Chung…..IMG_4340

When you moved in closer you could see the many layers of fabrics that were used to perfect the tree trunks…..IMG_4339

In the portrait quilt gallery, this piece by Gillian Shearer, entitled “Did you see that”?” was one of my favorites……


As far as shopping went, I enjoyed walking thru the vendors and watching their demonstrations but didn’t purchase too much.   There were some threads from Superior and some Machine Quilting Rulers that I would have had to order from Australia and a few other small bits and bobs.  But, as I often tell shop owners, what I really need is a 30-35 hour day!!!

Before I end this post, I want to give a big shout-out to my sweet husband who encouraged me to go on the trip even though it came at a rough time for him, and another shout-out to Linda, my very special friend and traveling companion!!


So, now I am back home and deep in the midst of Holidays, decorating, working and the other parts of life that somehow manage to steal my quilting time, but I am working hard to find time for this wonderful creative outlet…..I hope that you can do the same!!!!


One thought on “International Quilt Festival–Final Roundup

  1. A strong finish. My motto for the rest of my life. Liked that first one and the texture on the tree was mind boggling. Happy holidays and here is to more hours in the day for the coming year! 👍🏻

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