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IQF–Day 1

After last night’s preview, we were ready to hit the floor and really start seeing the quilts and visiting the vendors.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel great so only got to spend the morning at the show!!   However, even in the few hours that I was there, I found many inspirations…..

I was excited to see this quilt by Barbara Ann McCraw……IMG_6726It was a simple panel but she had used beads and other embellishments to turn it into a special quilt.   If you enlarge the photo, you can see that the baskets are highly beaded.   This is a great idea for a panel and I immediately remembered the African panel that I bought last year that is STILL hanging on my design wall.    NOW I have an idea about how to finish it and turn it into MY project!!   I will add it to the list of things to do!!

This pattern by Melisse Liang was super simple but so effective in how it was put together…..IMG_6735

This owl by Pat Baum-Bishop effectively expressed how I felt……IMG_6739

This “Card Trick” quilt (made by Kayoto Hata) was based on inlaid woodwork designs and was SO effective…..


It was one of my favorite quilts of the entire show!!

If you remember, some time back I wrote about a confetti class that I took that I DID NOT like.  Obviously, I didn’t have the eye that Denise Miller had with her quilts using this technique…..IMG_6764


In this one she used snippets in the background and silk leaves in the foreground.   It was VERY effective……


Going back to my Texas roots, this quilt by Suzan Engler caught my eye…..

IMG_6772Like many of the quilts in the show, the background was digitally manipulated and then heavily quilted.

And of course there has to be at one Sunflower to catch my eye.   This quilt was made by Peg Collins….


This quilt just brought a smile to my face, made by Teresa Marler and Mary Covey…..IMG_6782

Finally, when I first saw this quilt, I thought that it was some amazing curved piecing…..IMG_6793

But in looking at it I realized that it was simple straight line blocks with curved quilting….a good technique to remember!!

Unfortunately that was all for the day but I definitely made up for it on Friday!!!

More to come…….

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