Rocket Inspiration

No, today’s inspiration didn’t come from a Tesla launch our something out of NASA, but from a design chalked onto a baseball dugout wall!!!

Rocket Field is an oldie-but-goodie in my town!! It sits at the sight of the first school in Oconee County and EVERY child who has ever played Little League has spent much time on this particular field……

The styles should tell you that it was the early 1990’s!!!

But on this particular Saturday, Rocket field was hosting the Oconee County Fall Festival which I have written about many times before….the last time was back in October.

While wandering around the vendor stalls, Michael and I ended up behind one of the dugouts and it was there that I saw it…..

Sorry for the poor lighting!!

I have thought about this photo over the last few months and decided to put the design into Electric Quilt and just have a play!!!

I tried to stick to the original design but had to make a few modifications to make the block work properly…..

Then came the fun part!!!

I put the blocks into a virtual quilt……

….and it looked okay.

But the REAL fun came when I start rotating the blocks around in a circle and flipping them vertically and horizontally. Look at these fun designs…..

THEN I brightened the colors a bit, added the “leading” and continued with the rotate and flip session…..

I think that this ended up being my favorite of the lot…….

It has so much movement!!!

Now, will I ever make this quilt? Probably not, but it was certainly fun to see just how easily a stained glass design can morph into a really great quilt!!!

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