Inspiration at a cellular level

As you know by now, I see quilt inspiration in almost everything!!

Fortunately, I have a number of friends who also recognize a good inspiration shot and will share them with me at the drop of a hat!! This photo was sent from Seth, one of our good friends……

Source and Credit: Transformation of the Cellular Landscape through a Eukaryotic Cell, by Evan Ingersoll Ingersoll Gael McGill ~ Digizyme’s Custom Maya Molecular Software
Biología Al Instante

This is a human cell…..the most detailed model of ONE human cell to date, obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy data sets.

And, NO, I don’t know what ANY of that means!!!

But, I do know that I see many things to inspire…..

  • the colors fit right into my wheelhouse….bright and jewel-toned!!

  • this design looks like it would fun to play with and see if I could capture the depth…..
  • and these pathways would make an amazing quilting design…..

So who knew that this inspiration was literally already within me, Seth just had to point it out!!

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