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Dynamic Yunnan

On one of our trips to China, we were in the city of Kunming for my birthday and I decided that I wanted to go to a Chinese Cultural Event. Our friend Jialin suggested that we go to see “Dynamic Yunnan”…..a fusion of traditional ethnic folk music and modern dance.

The program was made up of 6 chapters, each with a theme and a wonderfully choreographed dance. Each of the dances had a particular element of sound or visual interest that managed to capture our imaginations. The performers were from the Yunnan ethnic minorities and the costumes were authentic for the area.

Officially, there was no photography allowed, but throughout the show, we could see flashes from cameras and hear the whirring of video cameras. So, sometime around the 2nd chapter, I pulled out my I-phone and started taking photos as well.

This is my favorite photo of the evening…..

Before the dance started, a fair amount of “snow” had already fallen on the stage and when they started whipping the scarves around, it picked up the snow and made it swirl!!!

I know that this photo is out focus and fuzzy, but when I see it, I immediately think of a Blizzard!!!

If you would like to read more about the program, please use this LINK to get to that blog post.

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