An OLD Lemoyne Star

As I have mentioned on this blog before, my mother quilted. So did my grandmother and my great-grandmother. And, I fully expect that if I went back further, I would find many more quilters!!!

This is a story about a Lemoyne star quilt.

My grandmother (named CHESTER!!!), pieced this Lemoyne Star quilt back in 1957 and gave the top to my mother who was supposed to quilt and finish it……

The purpose of this quilt was to keep ME warm at night!! Well, apparently I was NOT an easy child and my mother never got around to finishing the quilt……until she had a granddaughter!!!

Although it never kept me warm at night it was a part of my daughters life for many years.

I love to look at some of the individual blocks in this quilt because it tells me that my “Granny” made do with what she had!!!

Most of the blocks are made in this style…..

….with two fabrics in the star and the gray fabric being consistent thru most of the blocks.

But then there are a few that have two or more fabrics in the alternate points….

And then there are a few where the grey fabric doesn’t appear at all….

In today’s world, we might freak out because we had run out of one of our fabrics and might even make a hurried trip to the quilt store but I love that Granny didn’t do that. Instead she just used what she had available, knowing that the quilt would keep her loved-one’s warm!!

That is the kind of quilter that I want to be……

5 thoughts on “An OLD Lemoyne Star

  1. I Love the quilt and family story! Thanks for sharing. I have a lovely Cathedral Window I watched my grandmother make. She showed me how and I got about 8 squares made on a visit to her house with my infant son. I never got more made as kids and college, then work kept me busy. But I do quilt and treasure especially her quilt and the memories.

    1. Thank you for the sweet story, Sandra. My Mom passed away 4 years ago and she was quilting almost to the very end. In her later years, we shared projects….she would do the hand applique and I would finish the top and quilt them. There are some wonderful memories there.

  2. It is wonderful to see quilts made of what was available at the time… The memories so dear to me come flooding back and I see my grandmother’s smile… Thank you

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