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Why don’t I like this quilt??

When Michael and I were photographing all of my quilts, I kept pushing one to the back and finally suggested that we just leave it and not take pictures of it. Michael asked me a poignant question……”Why don’t you like it?”

I had to think about it for a few minutes and then responded that I remembered the emotions that were racing thru my mind as I was making it and it put a damper on my enjoyment of both the process and then the quilt itself!!

This quilt was started as part of one of our guild challenges where we were supposed to use polygons in the design. I had an idea and started to work on it but then life started to unravel a bit. We were planning to travel to Nepal in June to trek in the Himalayas, but then there was an earthquake at the end of April. Plans were put on hold, plans were changed, travel tickets were canceled, life was rerouted, VISA’s were complicated, new passports were needed, and on and on!!! None of these things were horrible but they simply overwhelmed us for about 2 months!!!

Now, when I look at the finished quilt, that is all I can remember…..the frustration, disappointment and challenges of that time period.

As I was refolding the quilt after the photo session, I decided to hang it in my studio for a while and try to enjoy it. And it has worked!!! It will probably never be a favorite quilt, but I have come to love the simplicity and serenity in the design……

Maybe it isn’t such a bad quilt after all…….

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