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Another Happy Scrappy

In December of 2008, I “officially” started writing my blog. Previous to that I had used the site to give updates about various travels but had not added any quilting to it.

After a year rolled around, I wanted to do something to celebrate my first year of blogging so I had a give-away.

The hilarious thing is that I only had about 15 readers at that time so the odds of winning were LARGE!!

The winner would receive this quilt…..

….a scrap string pieced beauty!!!

I dumped my scraps on the floor (not as many as I now have)…..

….and started piecing, using Golden Threads paper for the foundation…..

Sierra Exif JPEG

I was excited when fellow blogger, Terry Grant of “And Sew It Goes” fame was the winner. She has not been as active in the past few years but you should still check out HER BLOG!!

Several years later, she did a tour of her studio….a wonderful two-story house, and it was exciting to catch a glimpse of my quilt on display on the shelf under the young woman quilt……

Over the years, my anniversary celebration has become less and less, and frankly, I have forgotten about it completely in the last 2 years!!

But, the memory of this quilt still remains….the fun that I had in making it and the fun in gifting it to a stranger!!!

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