Tomorrow I am heading off for a 4.5-day quilting retreat….YEA!!!

But, you have no idea how much pressure this puts on me!!

I simply can’t figure out what I want to work on during those days. I have a baby quilt to make and am organized for that, but it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. So WHAT am I going to do for the other 4 days??

I have a large box of 2.5-inch scraps and another one of 2.5×4.5-inch scraps and I really want to do something with them.

So I have been planning…..and planning…..and planning!!

I am planning to work with darks, mediums and lights so I designed TONS of blocks using those three colors…….

Then I started putting the blocks together in twos, looking for special patterns. This is one of the FIFTY-THREE quilts that I have designed…..

Thank heavens for Electric Quilt!!

After lots of playing, I have settled on these two blocks……

… this layout……

…..adding in red patches to give it some consistency…..

Wonder if I will change my mind before tomorrow??

Only time will tell!!

2 thoughts on “TOO… MANY… OPTIONS!!

    1. Oh, believe me that I have taken more!! I am also thinking about a strip quilt so have everything for that too!! I normally throw in some handwork too but have skipped that this year.

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