A plate of Macarons!!

This past weekend I was able to finish the Macaron Mystery from Meadow Mist Designs….

The morning started by pulling out all of the blocks that had been previously pieced…..

I have to admit that I had my doubts that ANYTHING good could come out of this!!!

I laid out the first block….

Okay….that looks pretty good.

The second set of blocks looked amazingly like the first set…..

I even had to get onto the Facebook group to figure out the difference!!! Someone finally mentioned that this second set of blocks only has THREE green corner triangles rather than four!!

Now it was time to piece the corner blocks…..Well, these look interesting……

As I started putting the blocks together, it was SUPER important to read the instructions as there were strips that were 12.5-inches, strips that were 15.5-inches, and strips that were 18.5-inches!

I am so glad that the creator was good at math….although I did have to do a bit of ripping along the way!!

Once I realized that the quilt was going to be pieced “on-point”, it started to make a bit more sense!!

The first row was simply this…..

Each consecutive row was pieced a bit differently, but the rows went together well…..

Come back tomorrow and we will add the setting strips. Believe me, they make a HUGE difference!!

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