Take a ride in the mystery machine….

The Mystery Machine is on the prowl again with the next clue in the Macaron Mystery from Meadow Mist Designs.

This is our first month of sewing and, like many mystery quilts, it starts with half-square triangles!!

While doing last year’s mystery, I learned the trick of ironing the half-square triangles before they are cut apart. I first wrote about it in this post.

The problem that I have had with this technique is that when I start to cut the triangles apart, the folded fabric gets in the way…..

When Cheryl was showing the technique again, she made a simple comment to TURN THE BLOCK OVER and make the cut…..

Oh….that makes more sense!!

But you say “what if the fabric gets folded under”?


Okay….new plan….. turn it upside down, run my fingers down the center of the two seams to make sure that the fabrics are laying flat…..

NOW I can safely make the cut!!!

I used the “Bloc-Loc” ruler to square up the blocks, leaving a small pile of snippet cuttings….

Now came the fun part….. laying out the blocks and trying to IMAGINE how they might go together….

I love how these look, especially the swirls that show up at various points…..

So it is back in the box to wait for another month and another clue……

I can’t wait to use that peppermint-colored fabric!!!

It’s time for a good mystery!!!

I am excited that it is once again time for the annual mystery quilt sponsored by Meadow Mist Designs. This year’s offering is the Macaron Mystery.

The teaser photo appealed to my senses…..

…and I was excited to start pulling fabrics!!!

When I started last year’s “Morewood Mystery”, I was trying to conserve fabric (for some strange reason) and chose to use only scraps for the quilt. I was pleased with the results…..

….but I did make my life a LOT harder!!!

This year, I have made a pact with myself that I am going to USE the fabric on my shelf and not try to hang on to it and I thoroughly enjoyed selecting the fabrics for this new creation…..

The blotchy print is one that I bought on our trip to Austin, Tx in 2020 and that is bringing an enjoyable memory to the project!!

It took about 2 hours to do the cutting…..

There were a lot of 5/8″ and 7/8″ measurements which I normally don’t work with so it will be interesting to see what I will learn during the project.

That is one reason that I enjoy mysteries and challenges….I ALWAYS learn something!!!

So, it is now boxed up and waiting for the next clue….

…..only 3 weeks to wait!!