Macaron….the quilt not the patisserie…

The January clue in the Macaron Mystery from Meadow Mist Designs, was in two parts.

The first was to add a “Snowball” corner to the HST’s that we made previously.

The process was easy…..

Place a small square in the corner of the HST, draw a line on the diagonal, and then sew…

I would normally cut the excess off now, but instead, I have learned to iron the piece out first…..

Ironing before you cut means that there is not as much stress put on the bias!!

When you are sure that everything looks good, THEN you cut the excess fabric off of the back….

The result is a perfect Snowball Block….

The final step for the month was to piece two of the Flying Geese blocks together to form a larger unit…..

If you remember from my November post, I had some trouble with these flying geese blocks and many were slightly too small on one side…..

To take care of this, I carefully lined up the two flying geese blocks and then ironed them together before sewing…..

That simple step made them SO much easier to piece and they look okay…..

Now it is all back in the box…..

…..patiently waiting for the final clue.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!!

Do you like to participate in mystery quilts??

6 thoughts on “Macaron….the quilt not the patisserie…

  1. I have done some mystery quilts, but never any of Meadow Mists. They really vary in how well they are done- are there accurate cutting/sizing measurements, enough pictures, spread out through enough time, etc. I appreciate your ironing tips- do you use steam? I’ve done better recently when I don’t steam during block formation.

    1. I really like her mysteries. She gives perfect directions and I haven’t seen any errors in the two that I have done. She starts in August or September (can’t remember which) and there is one clue each month. That leaves plenty of time to get it done although I always seem to be behind!!! My only problem is that I haven’t picked great fabric colors for either of them!!! I do use steam. I have tried it without but just like the crispness that I get when it is a bit damp!!

    1. I took an online class from Phillipa Nailor and she suggested that you “pre-iron” ANY of the “flip and sew” units….half-square triangles, flying geese, etc. It seems to make a big difference because it sets the bias seam while it is in a more stable state!!

    1. I don’t have QUITE that many but am enjoying doing some of these mysteries because it gives me a chance to try new techniques. But, I DO understand your sentiments!!!

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