Block 4 under my belt!!

This week we are up to block #4 of the “Twelve Ways to Quilt a Sawtooth Star” challenge.

I am having SO much fun coming up with ideas and this week we are focusing on arcs…. free-hand arcs!!!

So, watch the video and then start quilting!!!

Starting next week we will be doing two blocks each week so get ready to ……

For more information check out the challenge page…..


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3 thoughts on “Block 4 under my belt!!

  1. Did my 3 and 4 challenge block today. Found if I screen printed the design Frances draws on the video, You can print it and use it as a guide to sew out my block. This was helpful in seeing the direction to sew. Hope this helps others.

    1. Hi Karen. Yes, this one did have an illusion to it!! It is funny how they look different when they are quilted, as opposed to when I have drawn them out!! Are you starting to feel the effects of Autumn??

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