Teacher Gifts – Part 1

Well, it is THAT time of year!! School is almost over and parents are trying to figure out WHAT gifts to give the teachers!!!

Those days are long-gone for me but I still remember two favorite teachers and their gifts!!

Mrs. Helm and Mrs. Harp were elementary school teachers and BOTH of my children spent 1st-grade in their classroom. They were a true blessing to my children and to me. When May approached, I knew that I wanted to make each a quilt!!

Way back in 1994, I was into miniature quilts. I loved the fact that I could spend a lot of time piecing them and almost NO time quilting them.

I had beed reading about paper piecing and this quilt seemed like the perfect place to start…..

I remember that I had used white fabrics for the background and when I finished piecing the inside portion, I was frustrated that there was too much contrast. I almost started over but instead decided to brew a STRONG pot of tea and dunk the pieced portion in.

I was thrilled that it turned the background to the PERFECT shade!!

I named it “Tea Dyes”!!

Come back tomorrow for Mrs. Harp’s quilt!!

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