Packed and ready

In Tuesday’s post, I expressed that I was getting ready for a retreat but didn’t have ANY ideas of what to work on while there.

Since quilters are SO helpful, I was not at all surprised by the number of comments and suggestions that came in. And, they were GREAT comments….

Most expressed the view that they wanted to keep things simple so that they could stay involved in the conversations……

…..without losing focus and making mistakes!!

For the same reason, many suggested that all of the cutting be done at home….

Anna provided a great visualization exercise…. “Try this: Sit down, breathe, and visualize yourself there…Ask yourself, what would give me pleasure making, finishing, and starting there? Can I concentrate on difficult tasks while with others? Do I focus? What is the expertise the others will bring? Anything I can learn from them? It must be fun not stressful!

Isn’t this a great way to think about our retreat time!!!

Several people suggested that I fill LOTS of bobbins before I leave!!

Lorrie reminded me to take something that I could actually finish so that I would feel as if I had accomplished something.

Probably my favorite comment came from Linda…. “I always take too much stuff to retreats. I think I can get 3 projects done but I never do! And, I don’t have stuff precut either.”

Somehow I think that Linda and I would get along well!!!

The bottom line here is that, as I read the comments, ideas started emerging and now I have PLENTY to work on.

Firstly, there is the scrap quilt that I mentioned in the last post…..

Then my eyes landed on the block exchange that has just ended. Maybe I can get that quilt finished….

It will certainly add some brightness to my day!!

How about the baby quilt that I am planning…..

And finally, there is the design idea that I posted about from the Tower of London. Maybe I can play with the marbled fabrics that have been in my stash for close to 30 years…..

Finally, I will take all of my scraps so that they are available just in case some new idea POPS into my head.

So, thanks to all of you, I am PACKED and READY to go…..

Stay tuned for updates from the field!!

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