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The Challenge of Challenges…..

A few months ago, our guild speaker made the comment that quilters should NEVER… ..EVER…..participate in a challenge!!

Her contention was that the challenges put too many parameters on the quilt, meaning that it funnels you into one direction.

I don’t know about you, but I COMPLETELY disagree with this comment.

In my 35+ years of quilting, I have participated in over 60 challenges and mysteries and I have learned SO much from them. So let’s start on a journey of Challenges….talk about the successful ones as well as the unsuccessful!!!

The FIRST challenge that I ever participated in was back in 1987!! We had just returned to the US after spending 6 years in Australia and were living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was only 2 years into my quilting career and was excited to join the “River City Quilters”!!

Not long after I arrived, they handed out a small packet of fabric and challenged us to make a quilt from it. I don’t remember all of the details but I remember being so excited as I looked at the fabrics and let design after design pass in front of my mind!!

Unfortunately, my ideas were greater than my abilities but I still played with the fabrics and came up with my FIRST completely original design……

This was made before I was machine quilting, so I did a minimal amount of arc quilting….BY HAND!!

My stitches are actually pretty even and small but I will say that the batting is SUPER thin so that helped!!

Now….would I have EVER tried to design this quilt without the push of a challenge???

The answer is a resounding …..

I believe that this first challenge DEFINITELY propelled me down a path that I might not have tried before and that is why I do challenges!!

Next week I will show you my SECOND challenge….it is interesting I promise!!

Do you like challenges?? Why or why not??

4 thoughts on “The Challenge of Challenges…..

  1. I love challenges. Fav was 2020 guild challenge…grab 20 fabrics in your stash in just 20 minutes and make a quilt that measures 20X20. This was started in Jan of 2020. So fun to see what people did when they shared their work in Nov of the crazy year. Results on quilt website.

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