It’s May for the BQL

As I have been posting for the past few weeks, I was once involved in a Yahoo group called the “British Quilt List”. Back in 2009, they ran a challenge to complete a 12-inch square quilt each month, following a prescribed format.

The quilts were all designed by Kandy, and she commented on the last quilt by saying this….

“It was me that thought up all the designs for this year of challenges. It was tricky trying to find 12 different things & stay a step or two ahead! I loved seeing how different people’s interpretations were. Some of my ‘months’ mini quilts I still love, a couple I could easily throw in the bin😆

Unfortunately, the quilt for May was not my favorite although I haven’t quite gone to the extreme of throwing it away……

I don’t remember the exact parameters of the challenge, but we were supposed to start with the word “MAY” and then go from there!!

One interesting thing that I see in this quilt is that I did a great “paisley meander” in the quilting design but I don’t remember knowing HOW to do that particular design!!!

So, I guess that I did learn something from this challenge even though I didn’t remember it 10 years later!!!

Like I said….I always learn something from each challenge!!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s May for the BQL

  1. I’m no expert but it looks like you’ve seen a video on doing McTavishing (sp) … as in a way to fill in areas with machine quilting that looks very similar to yours.

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